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Lisol came to prominence when its e-Learning system (Learn) was adopted by several departments of the University of Wales.

After developing solutions for sectors ranging from insurance through social housing to retail Lisol decided to concentrate on its then flagship products Pathways and Voyager for the primary and secondary education sector, which is dominated by Capita Education Services.

In 2012/13 Lisol conceded defeat to its abundantly resourced rival - but not before capturing more than 30% of secondary schools in Wales and several Local Education Authorities. The process of refocusing the company had begun.

Today ...

Today Lisol is focused on the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly inter-connected world (IoT), along with emerging NoSQL technologies that promise to revolutionalise the collection and use of both large and small semi-structured data sets.

Taking full advantage of the ease and agility in software development promised by these emerging technologies, Lisol is now able to offer services like Catalyst to start ups, entrepreneurs and businesses while also investing in its own research and development especially in IoT Security and RFID for logistics and manufacturing.

Some earlier work

  • Pathways
  • Voyager
  • Mayfair Worldwide

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