Internet of Things (IoT) and Security

Envisioning data security models in an increasingly inter-connected world

Bit by bit companies and visionaries are piecing together the building blocks of the multi-faceted vision of a world full of smart inter-connected objects called the Internet of Things (IoT). While approaches and emphases may differ, there is broad agreement on the one stumbling block that could be the difference between wide adoption and failure, namely security.

The focus at Lisol is on exploring security models that could successfully govern such a world, while also coping with the copious amounts of data that would be generated. While nacent NoSQL database technolgies offer a glimpse of hope on the data volumes front, largely unanswered questions remain about issues of data security, data ownership and privacy that are the result of this new inter-connected world.


  • jGuard - an internet security and early warning system
  • RFID Networks

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